Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jesus died spiritually? Is the JDS doctrine sound?

Jesus died spiritually or the JDS doctrine is a controversial teaching in the church. Word of faith and prosperity theologians as Benny Hinn and Kenny Copeland often proclaim that Jesus died spiritually and other Christians do not. The question still stands,

Did Jesus die spiritually?

The only source we should go to in this question is the Bible. Any proclaims of wisdom from God, Heaven or churches without a reference to the Bible are not valid here. Jesus himself warned us from listen to deceptions.

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If you have Bible verses about JDS please put the whole verse here and  maybe a link to example Bible Gateway would be helpful.

My prayer request is that this site becomes a collection of Bible verses about the truth from the Word of God. Please pray with me in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

From Wikipedia:
Often referred to as JDS, there is a teaching that to atone for sins, Jesus had to die both physically and spiritually. As an outcome of his ‘dying spiritually’, the Word of Faith movement argues Jesus thus needed to be born again, as any other sinner, and that although Jesus Himself was never a sinner, Jesus was forsaken by God just as if He had committed every sin in human history.
E.W. Kenyon, a founder of the doctrine that later became known as Word of Faith, was the first to explicitly articulate the doctrine in a number of his works, including What Happened From The Cross To the Throne and Identification: A Romance In Redemption. This doctrine was later supposedly taken up by Hagin, Copeland and many of their followers.[41] The doctrine asserts that Jesus’ bodily sacrifice was but the beginning of atonement, which continued with Jesus’ suffering in Hell. Copeland claimed that Jesus took on humanity’s "satanic nature" and was "born again" in Hell.[42] Hagin's teaching was featured in his book The Name of Jesus (1978 edition), yet in a 1991 letter to the Christian Research Institute, Hagins son Kenneth Hagin Jr denied this interpretation and claimed Hagin Sr had never taught the notion of a born again Jesus or the adoption of Satan's nature[citation needed]. D.R. McConnell has labeled the teaching heresy, believing it compromises the teaching that Jesus' blood atoned for sin.[43] "

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